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Doctoral Student, University of Pennsylvania

Juan Castrillon

His work brings together musical and ritual practices developed by Anatolian dervishes and Amazonian shamans. His academic practice explores aurality formation and the multiple ways in which musical processes has been able to produce and transform bodies, instruments, and repertoires. His methodology includes fieldwork, repatriation of media and film and performance.


His publications include written and recorded texts.


He co-produced five releases of traditional music with three different Tukanoan communities in 2013 with a grandtobtained from the Ministry of Culture and the National Library of Colombia.


Recently he co-produced twelve podcasts on Tukanoan music broadcasted by a grassroots radio station in Mitú available on internet (  

Featured Publications

Juan Castrillon, "Spatial transformation of music practice in Istanbul: repositioning of subjectivities" Porte Academik 10/2 (2014): 131-143.


Juan Castrillon, “Training kamish: Acoustic ethnographies of Islam and challenges of sound in the construction of subjectivities.” Colombian Review of Anthropology 48/2 (2012): 115-138.


CV: JuanCastrillonCV.pdf

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