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Professor, University of Maryland

Janet Chernela

My research among the Kotiria, one group of Eastern Tukanoan-speakers of the Brazilian Amazon, focuses on questions of language use; perceptions and use of forests in which they live; and  articulations with state and international actors in matters of protected area legislation and human rights.  In addition, I am director of a summer course to the Kayapo territories of Brazil, and founder, with its members, of the organization of urban indigenous women, AMARN/Numia Kura​


Featured Publications

2018 With Ester Pereira. An End to Difference: Imagining Amazonian modernity at the dawn of the twentieth century.  Journal of Anthropological Research.  74(1)10-3 n 1.

2016 With Laura Zanotti.  A Win-Win Scenario?  The Prospects for Indigenous Peoples in Carbon Sequestration (REDD) Projects in Brazil.   InThe Carbon Fix:  Global Equity and the New Environmental Regime, eds. S. Fiske and S. Paladino. Rutledge.


2015  Directions of Existence: Indigenous Women Domestics in the Paris of the Tropics.  The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology 20(1)201-229. Available from


2014 Direções da existência: o trabalho de mulheres indígenas como domésticas na Paris dos Trópicos. Ensaios em Interculturalidade: Literatura, Cultura, e Direitos de  Indígenas em Época de Globalização 1:71-102.


2013 Toward a Tukanoan Ethnolinguistics:  Metadiscursive Practices, Identity, and Sustained Linguistic Diversity in the Vaupés Basin of Brazil and Colombia.  In Upper Rio Negro: Cultural and linguistic interaction in Northwestern Amazonia, eds. Epps, Patience and Kristine Stenzel.  Rio de Janeiro: Museu do Índio-FUNAI.


2011 The Second World of Wanano Women: Truth, Lies and Back-Talk in the Brazilian Northwest Amazon.  Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 21(2)193-209. 


2003 Language Ideology and Women’s Speech: Talking Community in the Northwest Amazon.  American Anthropologist 105(4)794-806


CV: JanetChernelaCV.pdf

Email: chernela [at]

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