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Laura Mentore and Ryan Blosser- Beyond Respect and Acknowledgement Like Our Life Depends On It: A Call to Action

Robert Stam- Indigenous Arts, Activism, and Media Pedagogy

George Mentore- Friendship and Betrayal as Consequences of the Anthropological Project

Michael Cepek- Perceptions, Relations, and Possessions: The Expansive Body as the Foundation of Cofán Shamanic Epistemology

Graham Townsley- Ancient Builders of the Amazon (Film Discussion)


Natalia Buitron- Beyond Stockholm: An Amerindian perspective on hostage-taking as political overture

Robin M. Wright- The 'Kuwai World': Plants of Power, Spiritual Cartographies, and Borderland Narratives in the Kuwai Traditions of the Northwest Amazon



George Mentore, Luisa Elvira Belaunde and Christopher Hewlett- Revisiting Overing's "Review of Amazonian Anthropology'' (1981)

Anthony Seeger and Eduardo Viveiros de Castro- Roundtable Discussion: Revisiting Da Matta, Seeger and Viveiros de Castro's "The Construction of the Person" (1979)

Renato Athias- Territoriality, Kinship Networks and Social Transformations among the Hupd’äh of the Uaupés River basin, Northwest Amazon

Juan Castrillón with Orlando Rodriguez and Janet Chernela- ~KİRAİÑİA (Long Flutes) Film Discussion, co-pesented with the Mother Tongue Film Festival

Michael Cepek- Laughing at Death: Violence, Accountability, and Humor in Cofán Shamanic Practice

Carlos D. Londoño Sulkin- Love and Anger in Amazonia and in Academia: A disciple's account of Joanna Overing's oeuvre and teachings

Eduardo Neves- Four Decades of Amazonian Archaeology

Victor Cova and Juan Pablo Sarmiento Barletti- Paradoxical Failures of Indigenous Politics, 50 years after Clastres

Natalia Buitron, Suzanne Oakdale, Anne-Christine Taylor & Luiz Costa- Roundtable Discussion: "The Individual" in Amazonia

Phil Fearnside- Climate Change and the Failure of Governance in the Amazon

Jeremy Campbell- Indigenous Amazonians in Global Climate and Conservation Talks

Leif Grünewald- Failed Analogies: politics and/of becoming among the Ayoreo (Paraguayan Chaco)

Suzanne Oakdale- Amazonian Cosmpolitans



Christopher Hewlett, Giancarlo Rolando and Juan Castrillón- "Planes de Vida: Inward and Outward Audiences of Collaborative Research Projects in the Amazon"

Casey High and Elliott Oakley- "Conserving and Extracting Nature: Environmental Politics and Livelihoods in the New 'Middle Grounds' of Amazonia"

Renato Athias- "Ethnofiction, Anthropology and Indigenous Representation in Visual Productions"

Angelo Baca and Amalia Córdova- "Frameworks for Interrogating and Mediating Collaborations"

Graham Townsley, "New Light on Ancient Amazonia"

Janet Chernela, Eduardo Fernancez- "Differences of a certain kind"

Catherine Allen- "Thinking in circles"

"Reconsidering rights" (Group discussion)

Janet Chernela, Eduardo Fernandez, William H. Fisher- "How we learn"

Angelo Baca, Catherine Allen, Elliott Oakley, Christopher Hewlett, Glenn H. Shepard Jr., Amalia Córdova- "Productive Failure: A discussion"

Emily Colón- "Beyond Letting Anthropology Burn"

Holly Wissler- "Peru: Repatriation of Audio-Visual Archives in the Andes and Amazonia"

George Mentore, Jose Arenas Gómez, Juan Castrillón, Holly Wissler, Janet Chernela, James Whitaker, Elliott Oakley, Eduardo Fernandez, Laura Mentore, Christopher Hewlett- "Roundtable on Embodiment"

James Andrew Whitaker- "Discourses of Doubt among the Makushi in Guyana"
Catherine Allen- "The Sadness of Jars: Separation and Rectification in Andean Understandings of

Glenn H. Shepard Jr.- "From war club to camera: Designing an exhibit on contemporary Kayapo culture for the American Museum of Natural History"

Juan Castrillón- "~KİRAİÑİA (Long Flutes): Film Screening and Discussion"

Eduardo Fernandez- "Ashaninka Responses to Epidemics"



Divino Tserewahu, David Hernández Palmar, and Laura R. Graham- "Indigenous South American Resistance: Film Screening and Conversations with the Filmmakers"

Matthew Aruch, Juarez Pezzuti, Janet Chernela- “Ethnomethods in International Education and Research Collaborations: Examples from the Kayapó Indigenous Territories and Brazilian Amazon”

Janet Chernela, Giancarlo Rolando- "Inside/Outside Workshop Series"

Catherine Allen- "Inside/Outside: Miniaturization and the animacy of stone in the Andes"

Elliott Oakley- "Being Remembered, Being Forgotten: The Politics of Memory in Amazonian Guyana"

Juan Castrillón- "Unfolding Musicking Archives in the Northwestern Amazon"

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) & CRACIA- "Extractivism, the Neoliberal State and Representation" 


William H. Fisher- "Greatness Thrust upon Them: Unintended Consequences of Rank among Gê-
speaking Canela and Xikrin. A non-Ontological Account."

Holly Wissler- Andean Grief Singing

George Mentore, Janet Chernela, Beth Conklin, and William Fisher- "A Preface that is not a Preface (to Poetics of Being in Indigenous Amazonia and Modern Anthropology)”

Christopher Hewlett and Fernando Valdivia- "Amahuaca Siempre: Film Screening & Discussion with the Directors"

Bpunu Mebêngôkre and Pat-i Kayapó- "Indigenous Amazonian Cinema: An Evening with Mebêngôkre-Kayapó Filmmakers”

Graham Townsley- "The Shaman and His Apprentice"



Juan Arenas Gómez- "Offerings: An introduction to the people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta"

Renato Athias- "Anthropology and Dialogic Challenges of the Upper Rio Negro Region

Emily Colón- "The fire-making practice of the Mẽbêngôkre-Kayapó in the Brazilian Cerrado"

Steve Romanoff- "Beyond the Academy: Collaborative Ethnography and Community/Anthropologist Initiatives"

Eduardo Fernandez, Graham Townsley, and Steve Romanoff- "Roundtable on Politics, Leadership, and Power in the Peruvian Amazon"

Giancarlo Rolando- "Becoming Peruvian: Reflections on the Mastanahua contact process"

Theresa Miller- “We Love Gourds:” Repatriation and Revival of Brazilian Indigenous Agrobiodiversity"



Christopher Hewlett- "The Politics of Heritage Among the Amahuaca"

Lucas C. de Carvalho- "Dealing with death during fieldwork. A conversation about the ethical and psychological shifts of death as a traumatic experience”

Theresa Miller- "Mythical Histories and Historical Myths: Canela Messianic Movements, 1963-Present"

Courtney Stafford-Walter- "The Sickness: Separation and Spirit Possession in a Guyanese Boarding School"



Catherine Allen- Quichua Trickster Myth

Juan Castrillón - Cubeo Ethnomusicology

Janet Chernela - Interpreting Kotiria Song

Anthony Seeger- Notions of Ownership in Amazonian Anthropology 



Javier Carrera Rubio -“Yanomami in Film”



Christopher Hewlett- "Amahuaca: Building the Future"

Javier Carrera-Rubio- "Sound and Meaning in the Asch-Chagnon series"

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