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FEB. 27, 2018

The documentary, Amahuaca Siempre, is part of a collaborative film-making project between Christopher Hewlett, Amahuaca people and Fernando Valdivia, a Peruvian filmmaker, social commentator and professor of cinema and filmmaking.

“Amahuaca Siempre: Film Screening & Discussion with the Directors”
When: Friday, March 9, 7:00 p.m.
Where: 0310 Tawes Hall, UMD

While four films have been created, the documentary Amahuaca Siempre is the longest and most comprehensive. This film is oriented around the creation of an Indigenous Cultural Heritage Center and formation of a new indigenous political federation, which took place over a three-day event in 2015. While centering the narrative of the film on this event the film explores the themes of memory, transformation, cultural heritage, and collective resilience. These themes emerge as the film follows three generations of Amahuaca people while they navigate contemporary life, reflect upon their past and share their hopes for the future. The title, ‘Amahuaca Siempre’ (Amahuaca Always) comes from the final scene of the documentary when Carlos Melendez, the only Amahuaca bilingual schoolteacher, explains the importance of being Amahuaca for himself and why he continues fighting to make younger Amahuaca people proud of their heritage and identity.

We hope you’ll join us!

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