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OCT. 21, 2019

We are happy to announce that our website is back online. Here is this semester's schedule, including events outside our seminar series that may be of interest to members.

September 23, 3-6pm
'Being remembered, being forgotten: The politics of memory in Amazonian Guyana'
Elliott Oakley

This presentation is an exploration of how Waiwai people in Guyana interpret what they describe as being
forgotten by the government in the past, and working in the present to make officials remember in this present. It argues that memory itself, as an embodied and affective disposition, is a form of indigenous political action.

October 28, time TBD
'Unfolding Musicking Archives in the Northwestern Amazon'
Juan Castrillon

The presentation is about the formation of indigenous sonic archives at Northwestern Amazon in Colombia. It addresses the ways a Tukanoan speaking group that lives around the Cuduyarí River establishes a set of affective and effective relations with a range of material forms to encode, transmit and assemble musical works, and performances. The presentation argues that Hehenewa manage and engage with their archives by appropriating and producing inscription devices in between the sonic ecology amplified by the forest, the consistency of their own Indigenous analytics, the vibrancy of the aforementioned materialities, and the remains of scientific expeditions during the recent present.

November 4, 3-5:30pm
Extractivism, the Neoliberal State and Representation - Virtual Inter-Institutional Discussion
CRACIA (U of Maryland) & National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

November 18-19
Symposium on Brazil: Amazonian Studies - Multidisplinary Approaches
Johns Hopkins University

This conference will take place on the Johns Hopkins Campus, Levering, Sherwood Room. It features presentations by the following Amazonianist scholars:

Nov. 18: Janet Chernela, Beth Conklin
Nov. 19: Jeremy Campbell, Susannah Hecht

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