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Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Smithsonian Institution

Theresa Miller

My research focuses on human-environment engagements in indigenous lowland South America, with a particular emphasis on landscape management, agro-biodiversity conservation, and multispecies care and affection. I examine past and present human-plant encounters through a sensory ethnobotany approach that integrates historical ecology, political ecology, multispecies ethnography, and phenomenology. My fieldwork is with the Canela indigenous community of the Brazilian Cerrado (savannah). I completed my DPhil in Anthropology (2015) and MPhil in Social Anthropology (2010) at the University of Oxford.

Featured Publications

2016 Miller, T. Living Lists: How the Indigenous Canela Come to Know Plants Through Ethnobotanical Classification. Journal of Ethnobiology36(1):105-124.


2016 Daly, L., K. French, T. Miller, L. Nic Eoin. Introduction: Integrating Ontology into Ethnobotanical Research. Journal of Ethnobiology 36(1):1-9.


2015 Miller, T. Valuing Varietal Diversity: Indigenous Canela Horticulture in Northeast Brazil. Society, Biology and Human Affairs 78(1-2):62-82.


CV: TheresaMillerCV.pdf

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